Lights Out vs. Suicide Squad

Greetings fellow insomniacs! Had a chance to check out a couple current movies recently. One I loved, and the other was just decent.

Lights out is the latest horror film to grace the big screen. I went in with some trepidation. It didn’t appear to be breaking any new ground in the trailer. And when I went to go see it, it only confirmed this. It was a paint by numbers horror film that I found to be predictable in parts. It remined me a lot of Darkness Falls.  There were two good jump scares, but not much more meat to it horror-wise.

The story revolves around a family plagued by this strange creature that only exist in the shadows. It wants the mother, played be Maria Bello, all to herself. Bello is a gem in this film. She plays a woman who has already broken down once and is on the verge of doing so again. She has great acting chops and glad she got to use them here. We learn the creature was her friend once and is back from the grave with a real obsession about keeping her to herself.

The effects are decent, but dark as it needs to take place in the shadows. It’s an alright film but I expect more from horror films, I guess.

On the other hand, Suicide Squad was a whole lot of crazy wrapped in a big ball of fun. There’s been a whole lot being said about it and I enjoyed the whole thing.

I’ve been waiting for DC to get their expanded cinematic universe going. This seems like a good start. I enjoyed Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. I agree with some of the critics that the first half of this film is stronger then the second. I loved the introductions of the Squad. Margot Robbie nails Harley Quinn. Having watched Batman: The Animated Series, I think her creators would be proud. Will Smith’s Deadshot brought a lot of depth to The character. I ended up enjoying him more then I thought. Jared Lego brings a new take on The Joker. With the original photos released, I couldn’t put my finger on what they were doing withe character. But, he is homicidal! I cannot wait for a proper showdown with Ben Afflack’s Batman.

The story involves the squad being formed to save the trapped Amanit Waller. The enchantress and her brother work on a machine that will do…something. Still not clear what it was supposed to and it reminded me entirely too much of Zod’s machine in Man of Steel. That may be my only gripe. El Diablo has an awesome scene in the last act, and made him that much cooler.

Some scenes looked like they came right off the comic page and some of the dialogue feel right at home there too.  A post credits scene sets up the next movies nicely, and I am enjoying the DC universe so far.

They strived to make something different from the last two films. They did. Not as angry a film and loved the use of music in it. It was a fun ride!

That’s all for now, insomniacs! Drop us a line at we’d love to hear from you. We’re also on Facebook and twitter @InsomniacDI

See you all around the drive-in!


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