Injustice For All

Hello fellow Insomniacs! I have not had the opportunity to see a lot of fan films, but if they are half as good as “Injustice For All”, sign me up!

This film tells, for me, the loneliness of being The Joker and and the depths someone will go to when they love someone. That someone being a Miss Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn. And this is a dark,very real feeling dangerous love between them. Kudos to actors Chris Newman and Erika Hoveland for their portrayals. Newman plays The Joker scary. Forget clown prince of crime, this is the king! He takes out a long standing supporting DC character at the end without remorse in his eye. He does terrible things to some unsuspecting ladies, and just rocks the screen. Hoveland plays Quinzel with a nice touch of madness. In a non-comic world, I could see this being how Harleen would be. She is scarred by her time with her puddin’, yet there is something beautiful there. 

Jamie Bernadette plays our favorite Gotham City alley feline, Catwoman. She looks the part and I would have loved to seen the cat in action. She has an emotional scene withe Joker, and I hope we get to see Catwoman her revenge.

Directed by Danny Mooney, Injustice paints a good real world feel for the DC Universe. A strong story by Donovan Davis and Joseph Bryce Hart keeps you interested, making you wish for more as the credits roll.

Kudos to all the cast and crew for a great film, and I look forward to more from them all.

The film can be found on YouTube at:

until next time, see you around the drive-in!


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