The Tuesday Top 3: BUGS!

Welcome back Insomniacs to the Tuesday Top Three! This week we are looking at our favorite creepy, crawly, large, and small bugs of the screen! And up until just before I was writing this, I thought I had my three picks locked in. I then saw some pictures from a fellow Kaiju friend, Scott Martin and reminded me of something and knocked a movie out of the top three! See, this list thing is only going to get tougher every week! Let’s dig into it! Starting with number 3…



We talked last week a little bit about my love of Godzilla. And we may see a lot of kaiju influence in these lists. Son of Godzilla is a good film. I got to view it a few years ago during It Came From Schenectady’s Godzilla Kaiju Battle, and it had been a good while since I saw it. It seemed to be on a lot when I was a kid and then disappeared. It’s one of the few Showa era films not readily available to the masses. I was lucky enough to find a copy at a show not long ago, completing my Godzilla collection. And watching the above clip, brought back some memeories. What a fun time to be a kid on Saturday afternoons watching that unfold. Let’s take a better look at it!


Kamacuras is scary! It is a giant praying mantis thing that terrorizes Minilla’s egg, and there is more than one! They always gave me the hibby jibbies! I don’t want to touch them, and I don’t want them to come near me with their spiky claws. And they can fly! So, where are you going to hide from these things! And here’s a fact, their roar is the same as Ebirah, the Sea Monster! Luckily, Godzilla takes care of these big-eyed nasties! And he doesn’t even need any raid!

  1. THEM!

When I first got a DVD player, this was one of the first movies I bought when I discovered so many of the giant monster movies I had grown up with were available. I was overwhelmed by how many were out there to get. And I made it my mission to collect every movie that ever appeared on WLVI’s Creature Double Feature. And I have done pretty well with that list. A few still elude me. But this is one of the most of the most influential movies of my childhood. If anyone ever wanted to check out some giant monster movies of the past, I would put this one near the top of the list.



The Ants in this movie was scary! Kudos to the sound design led by Francis J. Scheid for the terror he created, signaling the arrival of these giant ants. You heard them before you saw them! And you didn’t want to see them. I can still see the one coming over the hill for the big reveal. So darn cool! J. Leslie Asher, Dick Smith, and Robert Turner are uncredited for all of the props. Their ants were different from the man in the costume monsters of that time. I still love to watch it.

  1. BUG

Here is another movie that I just love to watch. It came out in 1975 and I am pretty sure I saw this in the early 80s as part of Commander USA’s Groovy Movies. But, I could be wrong. This was the last film William Castle was involved in before his death. What a genius this guy was. I am slowly discovering more of his work. And enjoying the hell out of them. Even the trailer for this movie is so much fun!Anyway, these little bugs are icky to look at! And don’t pick them up! And check the phone before you put it to your ear.


The film is based on a novel called The Hephaestus Plague by Thomas Page. I have never tracked down a copy, but love to read it someday. These little buggers literally come from Hell when the earth splits from an earthquake. This hiss, light things on fire, and continually evolve as the film progresses. And I think that was one of the draws for me initially. I had never seen anything like this before. Kaiju and other monsters have transformed before. These things seemed like they could really be out there. Bradford Dillman keeps trying to get them to mate with each other. And I just scream at the screen, “Stop messing with them! It’s just getting worse with each generation”. They become smart, spelling out words with their bodies. Nasty! And I love that the Brady Bunch house set is used in this film. The movie was shot soon after the Bunch had finished their run on television. I always wondered how the Brady family would have dealt with this mess. Alice, we seem to have an infestation problem!

So, there you go! The Tuesday Top Three Bug list. Do you have some favorite bug movies? Drop us a line! Just don’t drop off the bugs! Thanks for taking some time with us today. We will be back next week with another list! We will looking at movies about cults next week!


The Tuesday Top 3: APES!

Hey Insomniacs! Welcome to a new, hopefully weekly feature here at the drive-in! It’s called The Tuesday Top 3! Each week will be a different topic and my top three for it. Seems easy? Let’s see how it goes. This week’s subject: APES!

3. My 3rd favorite Ape movie is the original Planet of the Apes from 1968. I really wanted to include one of these films from the franchise. I knew it would not be the Wahlberg one. I really like the first two in the recent re-imaging. I love the world that they were creating, it felt real. Like it could happen. I wasn’t super excited by the third one. The second one was tough to top. So, I turned my head to the original films. I will admit, I showed up late to this ape dance. But, I am a true fan of these movies. I even got to go to a 5 film marathon hosted by It Came From Schenectady a few years ago. But, which film to pick? The second one is actually the first one I saw! Beneath the Planet of the Apes with their big nuclear missle and people peeling their faces off! What was I watching? Scared me, and I flipped back over to the safety of Godzilla on Monster Island. Escape From the Planet of the Apes resets everything and sets it up all at the same time. Conquest has the most awesome ape speech towards the end, and Battle is tough. These movies seem to be tough for me to end. Not satisfied with them. So, after going through all that, LOL. I am picking the Original Planet of the Apes as my number 3 choice.


It started it all. It was so new. Apes riding horses hunting men! Roddy McDowell and Charton Heston in roles that cemented them to sci-fi history. The beautiful Linda Harrison as Nova and Kim Hunter as the curious Zira. It’s just a great film. Great sets, and so many damn apes!

2. I have to include this next movie on the list. I just couldn’t decide if it was number 2 or number 1. It’s King Kong vs. Godzilla! I am a huge Godzilla fan. He was one of my best friends growing up. And King Kong is…different from his previous appearance. His arms are strangely elongated. He can harness electricity, and he looks somewhat off. But, this movie is so much fun! It’s just a bonkers monster fight, played very much as a comedy.


It was a cosmic shift in the tone of Godzilla films and would start to set up what would be an epic run of Showa period Godzilla films. I remember being very sick as a kid, and in the hospital. And my parents and the nurses scrambled to find a television to make sure I got to see the film. And they wheeled a red TV in and I got to see it. I remember that it was a kid ward. A big room with maybe six beds? Not sure if any of the other kids watched with me, but it was Godzilla day at the hospital. So, this film with forever hold a special place in my heart.

And that brings us to numero uno! It is the 1933 King Kong! He is the seventh wonder of the world. And it has to be this film. Without this giant monkey, there are no giant monkeys!! I cannot tell you how many Thanksgiving days I spent watching the Kong marathon on WWOR. Even now, I try to watch it as close to Thanksgiving as I can.


Fay Wray is absolutely stunning. The rest of the cast, Robert Armstrong and Bruce Cabot give good performances. And the work of Willis O’Brien on the stop motion, incredible! I think it still holds up today against those CGI monkeys. The story has action, romance, and an Ape tearing up the jungle and the city. The sequence on the log is still frightening to me. And Kong tussles with other dinosaurs. And you believed it. The movie is just a great work of art. Kong is King! And the sorrow felt over Kong’s fate still hurts my heart. Love this film, and watch whenever I can.

 So, there we go! We made it through our first top 3 list. What are your 3 favorite ape films? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Also, start thinking for next week when we take a look at – BUGS!

This week’s movies!

Hello fellow insomniacs! I was contacted this weekend by a fellow Insomniac, John J. Bossong III. And he was wondering where he can watch my movies each week?

And I was quite honored by that question. Here at the Insomniac, we try to recreate a fun, drive-in atmosphere. And I would love nothing more to have some kind of actual outlet for these movies some day. To do the actual Insomniac Drive-In, maybe even stream somewhere! But alas, right now we will continue the reviews and great trailers each week.

But, it did get me thinking! I am going to share the week’s movies on Mondays from now on, in hopes that those that would like to watch along are welcome!

So, here we go!

Tonight: A Creature Double Feature of Daimajin AKA Majin, Monster of Terror and Return of Daimajin AKA Return of Giant Majin

Friday: The first of the season! An old school Dusk till Dawn Movie Marathon!
It will feature: Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster, Return of Mechagodzilla, Dear God No!, Frankenstein Created Bikers, Count Yorga Vampire, Devil’s Hand (1961), Devil Times Five, Don’t Look In The Basement (1973), and City of The Dead AKA Horror Hotel

Then back around to Saturday night for another Creature Double Feature with Reptilicus and Yongary, Monster From The Deep

So, there is the list for this week! We hope to catch up with you on some reviews this week! And hope you find something on this list to enjoy as well!

And if anyone has some streaming knowledge and wants to point in the right direction, welcome aboard!